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  • Knowledge is Power

    Think like an investor. Time your purchase by market factors, not personal ones.

    What difference does that make in your payment?

    A rate hike of .25 for a $200,000 purchase is a difference of about $30/month, which is $10,800 over 30 years.

    "I can't afford to buy!"

    Can you really afford to rent?

    "I don't want to mow the lawn."

    Maybe you can hire that out, like your landlord does.

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  • The Steps of the Home Buying Process


    1. Obtain pre-approval.

    It's a great idea to take a look at our credit a year in advance, so that you may address any inconsistencies, and ensure that your score is high enough to get you the best rate possible. Entender el crédito video.

    4. The buyer's inspection.

    2. Understand and establish agency.

    Understand Agency Video. Spanish.

    Agency Relationships Form

    5. The approval process.

    3. The home search.

    6. Close

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