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Sometimes, to change a paradigm, we’ve got to don some work gloves

How Honor Our Mother Earth-H.O.M.E. Realty Began

What is Honor Our Mother Earth-H.O.M.E. Realty?

Hi. I’m Christine Tuhy. I’ve been selling real estate for 15 years, and I’ll admit it, I’ve been bored. One day, I got curious and I did a little reasearch into who we paying for our land & how they came about it. Then I looked into what they do with the money we give them. Then I looked into the oil industry a bit, and what they do with the money we give them. I looked into the ag industry and what they do with the money we give them. Finally, I looked into the pharmaceutical industry, and what they do with the money we give them. It’s remarkable how connected powerful people are! It sure is nice of us to give them our money. I decided to create a new real estate company, one that really makes a difference, one that connects powerful people to do powerful things. 

Thus was born Honor Our Mother Earth-H.O.M.E. Realty!

In addition to offering splendid real estate experiences, in 2017, we will host a Feast & Forge every full moon. People will gather to design and build a home modification that empowers our homes, our families our businesses, our blocks, and eventually, our world. Together with you, we are creating a future where one, thriving people lives on one, thriving planet; and anything that isn’t good for the children, once again becomes just a silly idea someone had a long time ago.

Thank you for living with me into a world that works.

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