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HOME Realty Vision Statement

Why we exist

Honor Our Mother Earth-HOME Realty Vision Statement

Honor Our Mother Earth-HOME Realty exists to provide superior real estate services that leave people financially secure, elated with their customer experience, and empowered to restore and deepen their relationships with the land and with each other.

By “empowered relationship with the land," we mean a relationship where people thoughtfully cultivate, gracefully receive, and abundantly share the resources our planet has to offer. In the process, the earth and it’s people are healed.

By “empowered relationship with each other,” we mean that we are solidly grounded in the context that we are one people on one planet. This awareness inspires conversations that innovate real justice, and inoculates us against the danger of being separated and polarized.

In choosing to be connected through the planet to each other, we are inspired to listen to one another as though there were no “you” and no “me,” but only “we.” Through being united in action with one another, we become immune to the fear that creates and sustains violence in our world.

It is our hope that others will be moved to design new homes, and modify existing homes, so that we first see to ensuring the continued existence of humanity upon this planet. It is time.

For more information about aligning your business with Highest Best Good, contact Chris Tuhy of HBG LLC.

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